Great ideas often depend on financial support from visionary men and women. The fundraising consultancy Brakeley has been helping its clients since 1919 to find the right supporters for the right endeavors.

It is often major donors who enable the critical breakthrough. However, major gifts fundraising requires an approach that is rather different from that employed in other fields of fundraising. Brakeley is focusing fully on major gifts fundraising – we belong to the most experienced consultancies worldwide in this field.

Our goal is to help you employ fundraising not just as a financial instrument, but rather a strategic instrument that helps you and your supporters to develop and transform your organization and the environment that it impacts.

Please get in touch if you are seeking help from outside in engaging wealthy individuals, foundations, companies or public funders in your cause. Together we can explore in a first non-committal meeting how we can best help your organization to successfully raise major gifts.

Thank you for your interest,
Your Brakeley Team