Great ideas often depend on financial support from visionary men and women. The fundraising consultancy Brakeley has been helping its clients since 1919 to find the right supporters for the right endeavors.

It is often major donors who enable the critical breakthrough. However, major gifts fundraising requires an approach that is rather different from that employed in other fields of fundraising. Brakeley is focusing fully on major gifts fundraising – we belong to the most experienced consultancies worldwide in this field.

Our goal is to help you employ fundraising not just as a financial instrument, but rather a strategic instrument that helps you and your supporters to develop and transform your organization and the environment that it impacts.

Please get in touch if you are seeking help from outside in engaging wealthy individuals, foundations, companies or public funders in your cause. Together we can explore in a first non-committal meeting how we can best help your organization to successfully raise major gifts.

Thank you for your interest,
Your Brakeley Team


We work with clients who want us to:

  • listen and be sensitive to their context, experience, and needs
  • be honest, realistic, and practical in our advice
  • be ambitious for them and challenge them to think and act differently for better results
  • encourage diversity of perspective to find the best solution
  • make a difference to them and have a positive impact that is demonstrable

As any good consultancy, we are strategic, collaborative, professional and client focussed. We prioritize what, in our professional opinion, helps you maximise your individual goals. In addition, there are things we believe make Brakeley special:

  • We come with over 100 years of experience. Brakeley’s history goes back to the year 1919 in the US. The UK business was launched in 1987, continental Europe followed soon after. Brakeley works with a broad range of tested and tried methodologies and adapts them with cultural awareness and sensitivity.
  • We are international, yet embedded ‘on the ground’ across Europe and beyond. With colleagues in Sweden, Germany, UK, France, Finland, Austria, Switzerland, and the US, serving clients in over 50 countries, we combine international experience with a deep understanding of our home countries. Our consultants collectively bring profound expertise across many markets, sectors, and specialisations.
  • We create solutions specifically tailored to the needs of our clients. To accomplish this, we ask all the questions, even the hard ones.
  • Our senior consultants are deeply immersed in the work, not just selling and trouble shooting.

We want our clients to say:

  • “You understand us”
  • “You were our best ally”
  • “You gave us more than we expected”
  • “You empowered us to chart our own way forward”