Watch our video to learn about steps that inspire people to fund good causes. From the perspective of a donor, the video portraits how successful fundraisers follow a dedicated engagement strategy. In her journey, our donor visits the following stations, each leading to an increase in her interest and commitment:

  • Generating Awareness
  • Sparking Interest
  • Matching Interest
  • Engaging
  • Asking
  • Stewarding


The Fundraising Case for Support.

Pushing a camel through the eye of a needle?

It would be a miracle if a camel could be pushed through the eye of a needle – by analogy, a good case for support is a ‘miraculous’ document that should be standard equipment for all your expeditions throughout the fabulous world of fundraising.

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Major donor fundraising comes with a challenge: it becomes difficult to predict the effort required and the chances for success, if one focusses on few but large gifts. Moves Management is a controlling instrument developed specifically for major donor fundraising that helps resolve this problem.

You can find an article on Moves Management here:
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We have developed our own Excel-based Moves Management System, which you can use free of charge and with no strings attached. Please request a download link by e-mail.


Companies are an important fundraising target group. They do, however, come with specific requirements. Corporate fundraising is particularly successful if considered as part of corporate engagement. In a webinar with the very successful Georgia Institute of Technology, we discussed on the example of “Corporate Fundraising for European Universities” what matters and works. In this download, you can find a summary of the discussion:

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We encourage and support our clients in their ambitious and visionary goals. As the activist and fundraiser Dan Pallotta states: it is wrong to reward non-profit organisations for their small overhead instead of the impact of their work. We agree with Dan Pallotta: frugality does not equate morality, philanthropy should be allowed to use the same resources as the for-profit sector, and charities should be encouraged to place big investments in great ideas!

Please watch Dan Pallotta’s inspirational TED Talk on why to stop the fundraising overhead discussion and start creating maximum social impact and innovation in the non-profit sector.