We support you based on your needs, goals and capacities. We make our special experience in approaching high net worth individuals available to you as one-time consultation meetings, individualized services and long-term support of your complete fundraising activities.

Please see below for some typical elements of our various service offers.

Strategy Development

An organization’s fundraising success must reflect its strategic goals. We work with you to develop the fundraising objectives that are tailored to this and also support you with internal strategies. We work with you to identify suitable funding projects and target groups, to develop tailored contact strategies, participation processes as well as donor care and quality assurance mechanisms according to the principles of donor-centric fundraising.

Strategy Challenge

A new format is our so-called “strategy challenge”. It is particularly suitable for organizations that have been successful at fundraising for a long time and would like to determine to what extent which of their fundraising activities might benefit from an update in order to be sustainable for the future. In this structured format, we take a critical look at your strategy, question your objectives, and make recommendations as to which aspects and activities, in our opinion, should be reconsidered or revised.

State of affairs, feasibility and planning analyses

For organizations that have little experience in fundraising, a capacity analysis is a good idea. When comes to professionalizing fundraising, an analysis of the initial situation, enriched with our recommendations, is a good start. We also carry out a planning study for you in preparation for larger campaigns. The analytical work serves as the basis for a ‘road map’ of your fundraising strategy.

Involvement of internal stakeholders

A key success factor for raising funds in the segment of major gifts is the support of the entire organization and especially the leadership. We accompany you in this important internal work, which can take place in parallel to our other services, but sometimes must be acted upon in advance. Orientation workshops for decision-makers as well as long-term support in the internal positioning of fundraising are part of our offer.

Executive coaching

Fundraising is so essential for many organizations that the heads of the fundraising departments are increasingly represented on the management boards. In addition to responsibility towards one’s own team, leadership skills are also of particular importance in these committees. We coach both experienced and junior executives to develop a strong and unconditionally solution-oriented attitude so that they can meet high-calibre committees on an equal footing.

Funding concepts and development of the case for support

In their support, high net worth donors want to set something meaningful in motion and anchor it permanently. Socially relevant funding projects that advance your organization, are bolstered by substantial internal support, and can be implemented in a reasonable time frame are particularly suitable. Projects that are based a solid execution plan that also takes into account the individual motives and expectations of the supporters have the best chance of receiving funding. We work with you to develop a case for support that delivers on these important aspects.

Interim management and personal support

If necessary, we can temporarily supplement your existing staff on site with our own employees. From interim management in leadership roles to campaign support, we guarantee seamless ability to act and a quick and efficient start of your operational fundraising. At the same time, your own employees can develop into a qualified and practically trained, independent fundraising team while working together.

Recruitment and personnel development

In the long term, no organization can avoid building sustainable human resources for fundraising. However, the German-speaking fundraiser market is still small. That is why we help you find and select suitable fundraising employees, bring in our own network of contacts and train new and existing employees in relevant fundraising activities. In addition, we offer needs-based training and gift-asking workshops.

Development of fundraising structures

Sustainable fundraising should be anchored in the organization, i.e. independent of people. Processes have to be systematized. A suitable integration of fundraising into your organization is therefore important. Some areas of fundraising usually have to be set up first (e.g. donor research), others are often already available, but must be integrated in a suitable way (e.g. public relations). The necessary fundraising structures often extend beyond the boundaries of your own organization (e.g. appointments to a volunteer fundraising body).

International fundraising

Those who successfully raise funds at home can consider the option of raising funds internationally. Brakeley stands for competence in language, culture and regional studies. We have experience in supporting clients in fundraising in over 50 countries. Our consultants are based in around 10 countries. With this wealth of experience, we can help you expand your fundraising potential through international fundraising initiatives.

Research services

We support you in evaluating donor target groups and in researching potential donors. The findings from the research serve as an important basis for planning the individual contact strategy, the individual donor approach and individual donor care. In order to expand your own research capacities, we train your team in donor research.