In a typical engagement, our consultants help you to identify and develop suitable projects for major donors, to identify and research suitable wealthy individuals, foundations, companies or public funders with an interest in your cause, to systematically develop your access to these major gifts prospects and to build up your own fundraising capacity, so that your organization can continue the process of sustainable fundraising in a self-sufficient and cost efficient way.

Strategic review

A short internal study that allows you a grounded decision on the direction of your fundraising initiative. The strategic review is often followed by an external phase, where the internal ideas are tested in the market of potential supporters.

Feasibility and planning study

A comprehensive process, where we usually interview internal and external key people to find out how to set up your fundraising initiative, and where we help you to put all prerequisites for successful major gifts fundraising in place. The feasibility and planning study typically translates directly into operational fundraising, thus creating important momentum that ensures that the process carries on.

Prospect research

A service to help you identify suitable wealthy individuals, foundations, companies or public funders and to create a plan on how to access and engage these prospects.

Training and coaching

Major gifts fundraising usually becomes most sustainable and cost efficient when you build up your own fundraising capacity. We can train and coach existing and new staff and leader in areas including prospect research, moves management and gift asking.

Campaign planning and management

Often, a dedicated campaign is the most effective and efficient format for major gifts fundraising. We can help you to plan and execute this intensive process.

Interim management

A format of engagement where we temporarily head your fundraising initiatives and/or bring in operational working power while you build up your own fundraising capacities.